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ESU ESU Lok Pilot V 4.0 (Nr. 54610)
sb-Bestellnummer: 81702

ESU Lok Pilot V4.0 (54610) / Stand Juni 2014

ESU Lok Pilot V 4.0 (Nr. 54610)
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ESU ESU Lok Pilot micro 54687
sb-Bestellnummer: 81703_54687

ESU micro 4.0 #54687 Operational modes

The LokPilot micro V4.0 commands Motorola® and Selectrix® as well as DCC through 14, 28 and 128 speed steps or can be used on analogue DC layouts. You can either use 2- or 3-digit (1 – 127) as well as 4-digit (1–9999) addresses or assign a consist address.

The Motorola® protocol enables the decoder to run with Märklin® stations 6020®, 6021®, Delta®, mobile station® and Central Station®. The decoders can command addresses 01 – 255. A second address allows to switch F5 to F8, if desired.

Since the LokPilot V4.0 decoders also speaks Selectrix® it can be operated with this proven system as well.

It supports Lenz® LG 100 resp. Roco® braking sections as well as Zimo®’s HLU-commands, or the braking in DC braking sections with reversed polarity, or the Märklin® braking section (even for DCC). But also the new Lenz® ABC brake modules with an asymmetrical DCC signal is supported.

Of course, our top-class decoder is able to calculate a constant braking distance to stop your locos correctly in front of the red signal regardless of the speed. LokPilot V4.0 decoders can also be used for analogue DC or AC layouts.

The LokPilot micro V4.0 converts during operation fully automatically between all control modes (Motorola®, DCC, DC, AC and Selectrix®). That is important if some parts of your layout are operated in analogue mode (e.g. fiddle yards).

ESU Lok Pilot micro 54687
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ESU ESU Lok Pilot mfx (Nr. 64610)
sb-Bestellnummer: 81709

Digital Decoder für Glockenanker Motore. Der Decoder hat eine Taktung von 32 kHz und 128 Fahrstufen. Grösse: 23,5x15,5x6,5mm

mfx Decoder mit 128 Fahrstufen;

1,1A Dauerbelastbarkeit. / Stand Juni 2014

ESU Lok Pilot mfx (Nr. 64610)
1 x 'ESU Lok Pilot mfx (Nr. 64610)' order

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